What is The Average Class Size For a Yoga Teacher Training Retreat Program?

For aspiring yoga instructors, completing a teacher training program is a crucial step in starting a teaching career. When researching trainings, one key factor to consider is class size – how many other students will be participating alongside you? Finding the right group size can impact your learning experience and the personal attention you receive as a yoga teacher trainee. So what’s the average, and what size is best for your training journey?

Most yoga teacher training programs have between 10 to 30 students per cohort. Smaller trainings usually range from 10-15 students, while larger ones can have up to 30 trainees. A class size in the 10-25 range allows for an intimate experience while also exposing you to diverse perspectives. This gives you the benefits of a tight-knit community with new friends to learn from during the journey.

Larger trainings with 25+ trainees may offer the advantage of feeling less pressure when practicing teaching sessions with peers. With more students, you have a bigger audience to sharpen your skills with. However, you’ll likely get less personalized attention and feedback from the teacher trainers.

On the other end, very small teacher trainings with less than 10 students provide greater access to your teachers as you hone your yoga and instruction abilities. But you’ll have fewer fellow trainees to collaborate with in group work and practice teaching.

Marianne Wells YTT
When evaluating teacher training programs, consider what environment will be best for your learning needs. If you crave close connections and mentorship, a smaller cohort size may be more rewarding. But if you desire a bit more anonymity as you grow into the teacher role, a larger group could suit you well.

High quality programs like Marianne Wells YTT aim for a balanced size that’s not too big or small. With around 15 students per training, teachers can develop personalized relationships with each trainee while also cultivating a diverse community. This allows you to form bonds that enhance the intensive experience while getting the attention needed to excel.

No single class size is inherently “right” or “wrong” – it’s about aligning with your individual learning preferences. By researching cohort sizes ahead of time, you can find the perfect fit for your teacher training journey. With the ideal blend of community and personal guidance, you’ll gain the confidence, skills, and support needed to become a phenomenal yoga instructor.